How to Create Memes


Meme makers are increasing day by day with their most creative and attractive memes. Most of them are still not aware of how to create memes. It is simplest thing and need not have any extra skills to create.


Meme definition?

Meme is an image, animation and video that describes the matters in hilarious way. It looks having text on the top and the bottom and you can see it widely on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc.,

How to create a meme

In this article, we are going to discuss about how to create a meme in steps. Here, we covers most all possible ways generate memes. Let’s quickly enter into the topic.

1. Research a content

The very first thing you need to follow is to research a content that what kind of meme you want to create. You can search those images on Google, imgur, imageshack and more. Picks an image with high resolution because quality matters and that too makes more engagement to your post.

2. Creating a meme

After successfully searched an image or animated image or video. Then, quickly start creating your meme. There are many ways to create a meme including online and offline. Also you can make a meme through Android and Apple devices.

Meme Creator Online: 

You can create memes online using Pixlr editor, imgur and online meme creator tools. In the Pixlr Editor you can generate meme which is almost similar to the Photoshop at online.

Imgur is another excellent website creating memes online. It also have variety of images over there and you pick anyone of the image, use it for a meme by typing text top and bottom of the image with fun.

Offline Meme Creator:

The most widely used offline Application is Photoshop for both the PC and Mac. Photoshop is not only meant for creating memes but also it will make many photo editing works. you can get this application for the PC and Mac over here.

how to create a meme - photoshop

Video memes:

Video is another parameter to describing the meme in motion. There are many video editing tool done this job including Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Sony Vegas and Filmora Wondershare video editor.

I personally recommended Filmora Wondershare for creating video memes because all other video editing applications needs extra skill to operate but Filmora doesn’t needs any additional skill to operate. It is simple to use and easy to understand.

video meme - filmora wondershare

These are ways to create memes on the PC and mac. Now, Let we go to the handheld device like Android and Apple.

How to Create a meme on Android and Apple

There are many App available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store for create memes. But here we are going to give a information about best and most popular Meme generating Apps. That are Meme Generator, Meme Producer and Meme Creator App.

  • Meme Generator App

Meme Generator App is a widely used and most popular App for both Android and Apple. It comes with hundreds of in-built meme templates that you can pick anyone to edit your meme. There is also you can upload an image from your Gallery to edit the image which you want to create as meme. It also packs with variety of fonts, editing font colors, size and you can crop the image in desired size. It also comes with Ad free paid version. Install the App below:

Meme-Generator App

For Android:

Meme Generator Free
Meme Generator Free
Developer: ZomboDroid
Price: Free

For Apple:

  • Meme Creator

Meme Creator is another Meme creating App that has comes with various new Pre-loaded templates and also much similar to the above Meme Generator App. It is available for Android only. You can install it from the below link:


Meme Creator
Meme Creator
Developer: Gentoozero
Price: Free
  • Meme Producer for Apple

It is one of the most popular meme creating App for Apple user which is also similar to the Meme Generator App. It also comes with hundreds of pre-loaded templates and cool design. you can get this app from the below link:

meme producer app

Final words:

These are the ways to create your own meme from the Android and iOS apps. I hope that you are learned about to how to make a meme and if you any queries related to this topic, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.


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