10 Best Apple TV Games


The Apple company has always brought forward entertaining and surprising technologies among out midst. The same holds true for their Apple TV as well.

Apple TV games are no novelty, and have been here for quite some time now, so here are 10 best Apple TV games you can crunch on your Apple TV and kill some boredom.

Top 10 Best Apple TV Games

1. Alto’s Adventure

Honestly, one of the best ever games I’ve played on any iOS device. Yeah, “the” best. The concept might not exactly be “new”, but the graphic, backdrop and ease of controlling the characters are all worth a clap.

In case you wish to bring the “winter sports” to your living room without getting off the couch, this is the game you’re missing.

It’s basically a “ski” game, and you control “Alto” (the character)  most of it is automated, and you only have to time the jumps, backflips and other stunts as such. It’s all “one-click” so you won’t get lost hunting for controls either.

Alto's Adventure
Alto's Adventure
Developer: Snowman
Price: 5,49 €

2. Framed

Ever played “Vector” on Android devices? If you did, this is just like Version 2 (or better to say, version 10) of that game.

It’s not a rip-off, neither is it an exact copy. The comparison is just because they both have a “black, shadowy character” and they both need you to run from one screen to another.

Framed basically is pretty advanced, it presents you with a number of “tools” (logs / chains / bridges) etc and you have to figure out and arrange those elements in such a series that your character crosses the screen successfully to reach the next screen,.

Developer: Loveshack
Price: 4,49 €

3. Galaxy on Fire : MantiCore Rising

In case you’re not much of a 2D fan, and need something realistic to kill time with, Galaxy on fire is to your rescue.

It’s basically the same thing as you might have already experienced on your iPhones, with minor changes here and there to fit the Siri remote for your Apple TV.

Here basically the ship auto-fires, so you won’t be compromising with the experience just because you aren’t using a full-fledged gamepad.

Galaxy on Fire™ - Manticore RISING
Galaxy on Fire™ - Manticore RISING
Developer: FISHLABS
Price: 6,99 €

4. Geometry Wars 3 : Dimensions Evolved

You (the character) is confined to a limited space, while geometric shapes attack you from all directions. Your goal is to kill them all off without being defeated.

What makes it one of the best games for the Apple TV is its 100+ levels so you won’t have to find a new game anytime soon, 3D graphics as well as “Boss Characters” which spice up the game every now and then.

5. MineCraft

Does this even need an Introduction? It’s probably one of the most popular games on the planet, even though the graphics isn’t breath-taking, there aren’t any super-villains to defeat or other “traditionally accepted” metrics of a great game.

It wasn’t always available on Apple TV, but now that it is, I don’t suppose you’d be able to resist this  block-building, open-ended game.

Developer: Mojang
Price: 7,99 €+

6. Lara Croft Go

Yeah that name sounds familiar? It’s because this game is a spin-off from Tomb Raider! Yeah the game which procured heavy applause because of its “Character” (Lara Croft).

Just like in the PC and Xbox versions of the game, the Apple TV version too has embodied “Puzzle solving” “outsmarting” and “Environment solutions” into its game.

Each screen (level) has one or other kind of problem and you’ve to solve it with anything and everything that would possibly let you do so on the screen.

Lara Croft GO
Lara Croft GO
Price: 5,49 €+

7. Transistor

If you need the Xbox experience on your Apple TV, Transistor is the game to stand by. It’s “Large” (as in the space you get to move in), has a lot of powers and options for you to choose from, and awesome graphics.

Not to mention a great storyline and gameplay. So in short, it’s one of the best 3D Apple TV games you could ever cross paths with.

Price: 5,49 €

8. Tiny Wings TV

The primary selling point of this game is its already established 5-year old reputation. It was one of the best sellers on the iOS platform so no doubt it already had a market.

But in addition to that, the gameplay, which consists of sliding a bird down the slope and launching her into the air has its own mesmerising experience.

The goal of the player is to make sure you reach the farthest possible point, and the bird has been designed such that you might hug it (if you aren’t scared to break your TV!)

Tiny Wings TV
Tiny Wings TV
Developer: Andreas Illiger
Price: 3,49 €

9. SketchParty TV

Got friends coming over? Have a party? Well this game can honestly be the “mood booster”. It’s a multiplayer you can play with other friends who own an iOS device.

A picture is shown on the TV, and a player has to draw whatever he is prompted. The other members of the team then take guesses to correctly guess the game and that’s about it!

No shooting, no death, just pure, simple, Entertainment. (Try it for a change!)

SketchParty TV
SketchParty TV
Price: 5,49 €+

10. Canabalt

Okay so it’s like the cousin brother to Alto’s Adventure, it’s not the “Same thing” though. Cause you aren’t just “stunt-running” or rescuing llamas, but instead here you’re escaping the apocalypse.

As far as controls go, you just have to “tap” to make the character “jump” so that you don’t fall on the ground and hit your head hard.

It’s nothing new, and the graphics aren’t as “beautiful” as Alto’s, but they are totally worth being mentioned as one of the best games for the Apple TV.

Price: 3,49 €

Final Words:

So that’s a wrap up for the 10 best Apple TV games folks. Hope this list helped you out. Feel free to use the comment box to add some suggestions of your own, and also do leave feedback about this piece and your experience over here.

And why not mention your personal favourite Apple TV game as well and what you like about it? Afterall the internet is all about interactions, isn’t it? (Okay, not so much maybe, but still worth a try!)


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