Top 10 Best Online Video Editor 2017


Today, we are going to share about Top best Online video editor where you can edit your videos over there. When it comes to video editing, there are more number of software available on the market and Internet for Windows PC and Mac. Video editing applications are also available for Android and Apple on their respected markets. However, many of them are not interested in purchasing and installing new software to their computers. so, they’re head over to the online video editing tools but they don’t know about the best sites for video editing. So that, here we are sharing Top 10 cool video editing tools online.

You can get the similar features in online video editing tools as that of desktop application. In some sites, asking to free Sign Up for accessing tools where you can give your login details to start proceeding with your videos or movies. Before discussing those things let’s quickly enter into the topic.

Top 10 Best Free Video Maker Online

The Wodge team tested top 10 best free video maker online where you can create or edit your videos without spending a penny. The sites are given below

# 1. Magisto

magisto - online video editor

Magisto is one of the best video editing site online for free where you can edit your videos or create your videos with group of photos. In this tool, first of all you need to upload your video or photos and select the portion where want to add music, themes, effects, text and transition to increase the beauty of the video. This web app comes with some cool and eye-catching tools that are enhance your video quality. It also brings a features like camera motion analysis, video stabilization, face recognition and more. You can get this video editing tool for Android and Apple devices. I rate this as No. 1 web app in Top Best Online Video Editor 2017.


# 2. WeVideo Editor

WeVideo Online video editor

WeVideo is another best and easy-to-use cloud-based online video editor which can create outstanding videos. It also brings with copyrighted musics and screencast option in the web app. There are other cool features in-built in the web app that are photo animation, voice over, clip transformation and custom branding. Apart from that, you can also control your videos like scene transitions, motion effects, green screen, animation and more. WeVideo is also available on Play Store and App Store for Android and Apple users respectively.


 # 3. YouTube Video Editor

YouTube Video Editor - online 2017

We are well known about YouTube, a video sharing website. You can upload videos of your own over there, apart from that you can also edit your videos using Editor option. After uploading a video on YouTube, there is an option to edit your videos including filters, color enhancement, video stabilization, adding music track, Intro and Outro as well. YouTube also gives bunch of copyright free music on the editor webapp.

   YouTube Editor

# 4. Weavly

weavly - Online Video Editor 2017

Weavly is an another great website for creating and editing videos. It gives you with a simple and cool drag and drop interface. It offers a features like trim, mix and combine tracks the weavly website. You can also add video or audio files from major sites like Vine, YouTube and SoundCloud, import GIFs and other animations from Tumblr, Loopcam and Imgur. Weavly is one of the best site for online video editing and making a new video. It has simple and efficient features that can be used anyone without any additional skills needed.


# 5. PowToon

PowToon - Best video editor 2017

PowToon is another great site for video editing and creating. If you are making a tutorial or teaching something means then PowToon is definitely a best website for you. It allows you use what is essentially a digital version of paper cut-outs superimposed on colourful backgrounds. It comes with hundreds of drawings pre-loaded that you can select and start making your cartoon video. The only drawback I felt in the PowToon is to create or edit 45 seconds video only. If you want to create to more than that then, you need to purchase full version. Also if you want to create comic video then, it a best site for you. I rate this as No. 5 web app in Top Best Online Video Editor 2017.


# 6. Mixer Factory (MIXMOOV)

Mixer Factory - Best Video editor 2017

Mixer factory, formerly known as MIXMOOV which is one of the best cloud-based online video editor and it is very easy to use. It provides a white labelled online video editing toolbox, which you can further customise to create your video. Initially, Mixer Factory gives you with a blank slate that will be filled by you with your video, effects and more. This is an award-winning website that offers you an unlimited for several transitions, frames, text, video, music and template as well. To unlock all the features in Mixer Factory then go with premium version.

   Mixer Factory

# 7. Kizoa

kizoa - Best Video editor 2017

Kizoa is another awesome online Video Editor which is easy to use and offers some cool features including trim videos into clips, video effects, transitions, Text over video, importing music and adding Voice over as well. It brings a bunch of templates, animations and more customization option to make your videos more awesome. I rate this as No. 7 web app in Top Best Online Video Editor 2017.


# 8. Shortclip

shortclip - best online move maker

Shortclip is yet another best online Video Editor and social movie maker. This website offers 3-step process to create a awesome video. It also brings images, videos, add effects, transitions , music, text and make your personalized video online. At the center of the webapp, you can see a template guide that breaks down you video. It also brings more customizable options.


# 9. Kaltura


Kaltura is a most popular and also a first open source online Video Editor in the world. It brings a commercial and professional grade of video editors and offers fluid customization options including bunch of transition, images, videos, effects, music, text and voice input as well. It is quite easy and understandable video editor online and is an old one.


# 10. Wideo

WIDEO - best video editor online

Wideo is a simple online Video Editor that comes with some cool video editing tools. Using Wideo, you can create regular videos, animated videos, cartoons and other Common Craft-esque videos. You can use many times of any elements of Wideo, it won’t stop you using stock elements (text, cartoons, drawings, and images) and components. You are free to upload your images, video footage and audio files as well.


These are the Top 10 best Online free Video Editor 2017 that give you cool and awesome experience and make your videos and memorable moment more beauty.

Final Words:

These are top best Video Editor that you can use online without installing anything on your Windows PC and Mac.In the above mentioned Video Editing tools are brings cool and strange features in every webapp. I hope that you are getting idea about best online Video Editors. If you have any queries regarding this article feel free to ask me in the comment box below.


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