Top 15 Best Custom T-Shirts Websites in India


Are you looking for the best company for custom T-shirt printing? You are in the right place; we are here to help you out to find the Custom T-shirt printing companies. Here, choose the best company of custom T-Shirt printing for your need for custom apparel. Everyone is designing their own T-shirts according to their own color and taste.

Indian companies are providing the best & customized T-shirts at a very low price.  The various companies are providing variant options like selecting / customizing color, design, text, symbols, emoji’s, image, or many more things.  Some of the websites are also offering option to upload images of your own designs / artwork / images of your choice. Here, some of the companies are providing customized text options such as you can write on the T-shirt in your favorite Indian languages. The cost of the T-shirt will depend on the designs you are choosing to imprint on it. Another best option is that the companies are providing a home delivery option. So there is no need to go anywhere can complete money transactions online & receive your T-shirt at your doorsteps. On doing a lot of research we have compiled a top list for Custom T-Shirt printing companies along with their websites.

15 Best Custom T-Shirts Website

  1. iLogo

iLogo is having customizable options of T-Shirts for babies, men, women. You can also customize water bottles with the images of your own image or by choosing from clipart. There is also option of adding text too. And for the T-Shirts you can customize image, color, text (only English), size, quantity, and there is an option to change product. You can customize T-Shirts of each T-shirt or as a group for the organization, institution, students or for any other.

How It’s Unique: You can order the single piece of T-shirt or in a bulk order according to your requirement. iLogo allows you to design as per your wish or you can choose from thousands of design templates. You can also customize overall design of the T-shirt like choosing fabric color, style, collar & cuff, sleeves color combinations, and many more.

Price: The T-shirts prices are a variant based on type of shirt you are choosing, number of colors, number of designs need to print on the shirt. The lowest price for the group order of around 6 shirts T-shirt is around Rs. 150 for a white T-shirt and Rs. 272 for other color T-shirt. These prices vary based on the type of T-shirt you are going to use. But the actual price of the customized T-shirt varies based on the designs, text, image, log you are going to use on your T-Shirt. Cost for the single T-shirt also same as the group T-shirts and you cost varies based on the customization of the T-shirt.

Delivery Time: The delivery time for a single T-shirt of product for an Individual takes around 7 days. However, the delivery time for a group of a minimum order of 6 T-shirts takes around 14 days. The minimum order of 50 T-shirts of creating your T-shirt takes around 21 days delivery time.

Website: iLogo

  1. Alma Mater

Alma Master store is providing customizing options on variant products like collar tee, round neck tee, Hoodie, zipper unisex, mug, and combo pack tees. There are pre-designed T-shirts from which you can choose T-shirt of your wish. You has to enquire the customer care for placing a bulk order.

How It’s Unique: You have variant options separately for students & scholars, companies & corporate, groups & gangs, friends & families, teams & teammates. There is an option to bulk order uniforms and you have to fill the required details and the Alma Mater team will contact you and will get the details to confirm the order.

Price: The Hoodie cost starts from Rs. 599, zipper-type T-shirt cost starts at Rs. 749, collar tee cost starts at Rs. 299, combo pack of 3 round neck costs 1450 and separate customizations for each T-shirt is allowed. However, these are the costs of the T-shirts and the customization charges are applied separately.

Delivery Time: The free shipping takes around 2 weeks, Xpress shipping which costs some amount takes around 1 week, and the Turbo delivery which takes 4 days / 96 hours charge amount higher than Xpress delivery.

Website: Alma Mater

  1. Polos

Polos Inc company is offering variant types of shirts like polo T-shirts, Tipping polo, Dri fit polos, round & V-neck T-Shirts, Hood with cap, Hood with full zip hoodies are available. They are providing excellent services to corporate companies, colleges, functions, friends, institutions, general, and many others. They are well known for providing promotional merchandise like Velcro badges and embroidery patches. Polos Inc are specialized in producing printed and woven neck labels.

How It’s Unique: Polos Inc are providing customize T-Shirts printing of screen printing and embroidery. They are providing organic cotton T-shirts, and clothing that gives you extra comfort.

Price: The cost of the T-shirts will be based on GSM (Gram per Square Meter), double mercerized GSM 250 costs around Rs. 570, round & V-neck T-shirts of 200 GSM costs around Rs. 190, honey comb / dyed polo of 200 GSM costs around Rs. 300. There is availability of variant sizes & colors you can choose within the same type of shirt.

Delivery Time: The delivery time varies from 1 week to 1 month depending on the number of orders you are placing.

Website : Polos

  1. PrintVenue

Pintvenue is different from all other websites as it is providing customization for T-shirts, caps, calendars, wallets, pen drives, pens, mugs, pillows, photo frames, and many others. This is one of the all in one customization stop for almost all types of products. The company is offering customization for clothing, Home & kitchen, office, greeting cards, accessories, and business cards wide range of products. For T-shirts, the website offers customization of logo, name, quote or images.

How It’s Unique: This is offering various varieties of customization for embroidered office shirts, embroidered jackets, printed dry fit T-shirts, printed caps, T-shirts, Women’s embroidered polo’s, puma sweat shirts, Lotto T-shirts, and embroidered Hoodies. You will have an option to choose printing the Logo along with your caption on front and back of the T-shirt. There is an option to print image or quote on the T-shirt.

Price: The embroidered polo T-shirt cost is Rs. 399, Printed Dry fit T-shirts cost ranges from Rs. 399 to Rs. 499, Lotto polo T-shirt cost around Rs. 899. There is additional cost for the embroidery of 4 x 4 inch +100 and 7 x 7 inch embroidery +200. For printing a photo the cost remains same as the cost of the T-shirt. The shipping charges are also additional of Rs. 75 per one quantity / T-shirt, this adds-on while the quantity increases.

Delivery Time: The delivery time ranges from 3 to 6 working days to 10 days depending on the quantity. You can order from 1 to 100 multiples of 10’s T-shirts according to your requirement.

Website: PrintVenue

  1. 5BY7

You can customize the T-shirts with promotional artwork or logo and can earn huge discounts on bulk order. This takes orders of a minimum quantity of 10 T-shirts. This website benefits for the person who requires bulk requirement of the T-shirts for their brand promotion or for their employees. This is not suitable for individual customization of the T-shirts.

How It’s Unique: This is offering variant cloth types of T-shirts like cotton and polyester. They are providing customization of T-shirts on branded products like Adidas, flying machine, U.S. Polo.  The various price ranges are available that are suitable for small company and for the large branded companies. The various color ranges are available in the same type of T-shirt and you can order them according to their availability. You can enter the text or upload image as per your wish and there is an option to order a sample.

Price: The price of the T-shirt varies from 100 to 1000 based on the type of T-shirt you are going to choose. Single color printing is done free of cost but the dual color printing costs extra Rs. 5 / T-shirt. There is no charge for free shipping but charges Rs. 250+ for express shipping.

Delivery Time: The delivery time is around 4 to 6 days for free shipping and 2 to 4 days for express shipping.

Website: 5by7

  1. Your Design

Your design store, best option is that you can choose a particular T-shirt color and size according to your perfect fit. There is an option to know your fit and size chart to choose the exact size of the T-shirt according to your body.  These are offering customization for products like round neck t-shirt, hoodie, collar t-shirt, hoodie with zip, varsity jacket, raglan T-shirt, cap, coffee mug, and tote bag. For placing bulk orders more than 100+ quantity, you have to call the customer care number provided on the website.

How It’s Unique: The fabric specifications are provided in detail to choose the product that suits your requirement. There are options to customize things like text, art, image, name & number on the T-shirt. You can place them on front, back, on the hands of the T-shirt where ever you wish to have it. In simple, this company is offering printing on all the important places along with display in 360 degrees view on clicking on try me option. There is also an option to share with friends, relatives, company officials to take their opinion. There is an option to buy 1 to 100 quantity of T-shirts online at a time.

Price: The T-shirt cost starts from Rs. 349 to Rs. 449 and the designing cost varies. For single unit there is no discount but from 10+ quantity orders you can get discounts. The total cost includes shipping charges a,nd GST there is no hidden charges. The shirt cost and the designing cost varies, the total cost depends on the design, colors, text you are using on the T-shirt.

Delivery Time: The delivery time varies depending on the quantity of order you are making and it varies from 1 week to 20 days.

Website: Your Design

  1. Jopokart

Jopokart is the company that is providing customized T-shirts for personal use. There is an option to order plain bulk T-shirts as many as you want. These are offering shopping zone for variant categories like Men, Women, kids, Couple T-shirts, Family T-shirts, maternity T-shirts, custom T-shirts, and bulk T-shirts.

How It’s Unique: The customized T-shirt for less than 10 pieces is offering DTG printing and bulk order offers screen printing. These are offering various options like T-shirt designing, T-shirt personalized photographs, and T-shirts logo printing. The product details are provided for a better understanding of it. The text can be printed in various font styles, formats and that can be printed on front part of the T-shirt. You can select shapes, upload images, draw your own (Doodle), and you can adjust the layering of various designs on the same T-shirt. In bulk orders, there is an option to choose various sizes of T-shirts like S, M, L, XL, XXL and then you can customize the T-shirt with a printed image. You have to choose the print location and a number of colors can be used from 1 to 4.

Price: The cost of the T-shirt varies from Rs. 199 to Rs. 499 and adds-on cost according to the customization of the T-shirt.

Delivery Time: The delivery time of the T-shirt is approximately 1 week.

Website: Jopo

  1. Tshirt

The Tshirt Company is providing various options like catalog printing for personal and professional purpose. It is providing various shopping option for women, men, print collection, and many others. If you are ordering for a corporate purpose, you have to provide the required details to place the order.

How It’s Unique: It is providing customized designer lounge for corporate logo, design your own print, print name, print photo, print QR CODE, sports ware, and biker T-shirt. The color selection can be done from 11 color ranges on the customization window. You can add text in three lines, can choose text color, style, font size, print area (front or back), size & quantity. There is option to upload or choose image according to your requirement and wish.  For image you can choose print area (chest or pocket) and print place (front side or back side). There is an option to add text and image, on front side image can be printed and on back add text. However, you can give the special instruction on the space provided to give instructions like embroidery image etc.

Price: The price of the T-shirt starts at Rs. 299 of various models like unisex style (round neck), V – neck for men & women and polo type T-shirts.  However, the designing cost adds to the price of the T-shirt. If you want to use the company image, it charges Rs. 150.

Delivery Time: The estimated shipping time is 10 days for specific customization of T-shirts. So, it takes around 15 days to delivery to the specific address.

Website: Tshirt

  1. InkMonk

The Inkmonk Company is providing customized T-shirts and also various categories like visiting cards, mugs,button badges, mailer box, courier bag, packing sleeve, food box, and many other. This is the one stop solution to get all the customization of the products required for all types of companies.

How It’s Unique: This company is offering T-shirt styles for customization are unisex round neck, unisex collar neck, and Women’s round neck. There are variant T-shirt materials for custom designing like standard cotton (180 GSM single jersey), standard polyester (160 GSM single jersey), and standard pique cotton (220 GSM pique). You have to order minimum of 10 quantity, as the quantity increases cost per piece decreases. There is an option to order quantity from 1 to 5000 T-shirts. Below 100 you can order directly but the quantity is above 100, you have to provide the details and the Company person will contact back for further queries.  Initially, you have to provide details of image, logo, positioning, delivery pincode, and many other. Later you can get the customization option and able to add text, paragraph, logo, shapes, image, clipart, template, and QR code.

Price: The cost of single T-shirt of round neck is Rs. 297, collar T-shirt is Rs. 451, Women’s Round Neck is Rs. 291, Hoodie cost around Rs. 627,

Delivery Time: The delivery time take around 10 days for 1 quantity, and varies for bulk orders depending on the requirements.

Website: Inkmonk

  1. PrintLand

PrintLand Company is providing the customized products of various categories like corporate gifts, personalized products, Gifts, and many others. These are customizing products of different brands like adidas, cross, effit, ambrane, karbonn, parker, sony, umbro, soulfit, vega, moserbaer, hp, cello, PCJ, portronics, and sheaffer.

How It’s Unique: You can customize T-shirts for men, women, kids, and couples. The detailed description of the T-shirt is provided under specifications. The size chart of the T-shirt is given in detail, so that you can measure and order the size of the T-shirt accordingly. There is an option to add text or image on the front and back of the T-shirt separately. You can choose printing on front, back, or front & back. The printing can be done on chest part of the T-shirt, there is options of alignment of text, and color selection.

Price: The price of the T-shirts starts from Rs. 279. There is no additional cost for customization of the T-shirt on front or back. But fro customizing T-shirt for front & back there is an additional charge Rs. 50. On bulk order the cost of each piece decreases by 40 %.

Delivery Time: If you have done the payments then the delivery time is 6 to 9 days. In case, if you chose cash on delivery, the estimated delivery time is 8 to 12 days.

Website: PrintLand

  1. Vista Print

Vistaprint Company of customize printing is not only dealing with Cusmization of T-shirts but also various other categories like visiting cards, stationery & letterheads, personalised pens, signs & posters, marketing material, embroidery clothing, printed clothing, gifts, and calendars.

How It’s Unique: You can select the T-shirt from the category of men’s T-shirt, Women’s T-shirt, and Kid’s T-shirt. This is providing 100 % cotton and polyester T-shirts of 160 & 130 GSM. The three color options available for customizing T-shirts are white, black, & grey. There is an option layer image & text or small image below slogan (text message). There are many customized images of T-shirt for ideas and grab the ideas to customize your own T-shirt. It has the option to choose the printing on the chest part or on the left top part such as branding for companies. You can add image & text to front and back of the T-shirt. There is an option to review the custom design T-shirt before confirming in the large view. There are many designing options to choose them according to your requirement to design the T-shirt with ease.

Price: The regular basic polyester T-shirt costs around Rs. 225 and basic cotton T-shirt costs around Rs. 325. However,

Delivery Time: Generally, the delivery time is 4 days for single unit of T-shirt and varies for bulk orders.

Website: Vista Print

  1. Tshirt Loot

T-shirt Loot Company is offering customization for T-shirt, couple T-shirts, Sports jerseys, and group wear T-shirts. There is no minimum order, unlimited print colors are available, direct print from your design, fast & free delivery. The group and sports T-shirts has the required things according to their requirement.

How It’s Unique: Easy 3 step customization of T-shirt is possible like choose the product, design, and place order. The types of T-shirts available are Round neck, polo T-shirts, full sleeve, zipper hoodie, and no zipper hoodie. However, 18+ colors in the given T-shirt type are available and printing is possible on front, back, & on both hands. This is offering text, add art, upload image, name & number (for sports), QR code, layering of the variant design options. You can choose the size of the T-shirt.

Price: The cost of T-shirts varies from Rs. 199 to Rs. 549. The additional cost for each design is also varies and the total cost depends on your customized T-shirt.

Delivery Time: The delivery time is 1 week for single unit of the product. The group and sports T-shirts requires 20 days for delivering to the various parts of India.

Website: Tshirt Loot

  1. All Things Customized

The all things customized company is providing printing on variant products like T-shirts, caps, laptop sleeves, mugs, sweat shirt, mouse pad, and metal key chains. This is offering store to buy products without customizing like mouse pads, t-shirts, and mugs of your choice.

How It’s Unique: This has many printing options like screen, discharge, sublimation, and digital. It has the print sizes on the apparel like small, standard, large, and full span. You can also choose sleeves, full sleeves, and sleeveless shirts. The GSM of the T-shirt varies from 100 to 200 and the cost varies depending on the GSM. Double colouring for the T-shirt is possible and there is no limitation of printing on the Shirt. For any other requirement or queries, you can contact the customer care.

Price: You have to place an order of minimum 10 quantity. On clicking on the type of T-shirt from various types, the description of the shirt and a list of things you will on the T-shirt are given in detail. You have to place your email or mobile number and click on submit button. They will reach to the given contact as early as possible along with the quote.

Delivery Time: The delivery time depends on the quantity and design you require on your shirt. The contact person will get in touch and will give you all the details.

Website: All Things Customized

  1. Be Young

Be Young Company is offering customization of men T-shirts, women T-shirts, and mobile covers. This is also offering general shopping for men, women, couple’s, and mobile covers. It always provides the extra offers & deals section separately for easy identification and grabbing the offers.

How It’s Unique: This is having the hassle free process of customization. Initially, you have to choose quantity, size, and later click on customize button which is easy to identify. The best option is that 3XL size of the T-shirt is available. You can change the T-shirt color from various color options.  There is an option to add the clipart such as image, artwork, shapes, QR code, and free drawing (doodle). You can also upload image to fix it on front or back of the T-shirt. It has the option to add text, select color of the text, size of the text, spacing, and placing of the text. There is option to layer the designs according to your wish. The shipping is free of cost and 15 days return policy is applicable for custom T-shirts in case of receiving fault T-shirt.

Price: The price of the T-shirt starts from Rs. 499, this has some free designing and beyond the limit you will get charged.

Delivery Time: The delivery time varies from 1 week to 20 days based on your place. It is not offering delivery to some of the place, so initially check the availability of delivery option entering your area pin code.

Website: BeYoung

  1. Tee Talkies

Tee Talkies Company is offering wide range to Custom T-shirt designing and bulk T-shirt printing. This is having product range of custom printing like T-shirts, rakhi, notepad printing, tote bags, coffee mugs, posters, laptop sleeves, mouse pads, and coaster printing.

How It’s Unique: This is having options like custom T-shirt printing, custom sweat shirt printing, and all over T-shirt printing. You can choose the T-shirt color from wide range of colors available on the website. You can choose from various types of T-shirts like personalized Men & women T-shirts, men & women full sleeves T-shirt, all over printable vest, personalized girl & boy T-shirt, polo T-shirt, sweat T-shirt, Dri fit T-shirt, all over a printable T-shirt. It allows adding clip art from the website gallery and has option to upload your own image. The layering of the various designs is possible, so you can arrange them according to your requirement. This is also having the option to print for the sports teams.

Price: Cost of the T-shirt Starts from Rs. 199 (Including tax and delivery charges). The courier charges are Rs. 60 per T-shirt. On bulk delivery, the delivery charge per each T-shirt is Rs. 4 to 5.

Delivery Time: Single T-shirt will get delivered within 3 to 5 days. Bulk T-shirts with be delivered within 6 to 8 days.

Website: TeeTalkies

Closing Thoughts

As per our research, we have finalized the above top 15 custom T-shirts websites. Also, we have provided the required information regarding custom T-shirt printing. In case, if you have any queries, reach us in the comment section.


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