How to get an Email ID with address


Google is the world’s biggest search engine which owns several products like Android, YouTube, Adsense, Gmail and much more. In this article, we are going to talk about Gmail that is Google mail.

Google mail - Gmail

How we can use Googlemail instead of Gmail

Yes, it is possible to use googlemail instead of Gmail. There are several Gmail Tricks that make you feel great. If someone says their email id which ends with googlemail then, how do you feel. If you’re a Gmail user, even you have @googlemail id.

When you logged in for your Gmail address , with you also get @googlemail address. Incase, you have an email address with the name which means you also have an email address with

You can also receive mail from this when you gave this address to your friend to send a mail to your Gmail account.

Share your address with your friends. set a filter to receive messages from domain to a separate folder by using Label. This will also assist you to read important E-mails if you receive lots of Email address.


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