Clicking WhatsApp links making users at risk to cybercrime



WhatsApp has giving away a warning to all its users over the world. As a report, the clickable link is circulated on the WhatsApp recently that will lead users to cybercrime. A report from The Sun newspaper, the professional hackers are using simple tricks to fool WhatsApp users into visiting booby-trapped sites and then fleecing them.

Couple of weeks ago, WhatsApp has rolled out its new video calling feature and the hackers are taking advantage of it to make website in the name of “Download Video Calling WhatsApp”. Don’t be fool of those website and that may lead to the crisis.

According to the report, “If you receiving an email that asking you to “activate” the function by visiting a website, make sure you don’t click it. Anyone who is tricked into visiting the danger pages could end up being targeted by digital criminals.”

There is more than 160 million monthly active users for WhatsApp in India. After rolled out the Video calling feature of WhatsApp. After the release of Video calling feature, WhatsApp will surely compete Microsoft’s owned Skye and Google Duo. In a Couple of days before, the company has started rolling out the new feature that will enhance the video playback mechanism which means users can play videos inside WhatsApp while downloading. This is most welcomed feature for WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp is now available in more than 50 different languages around the globe and available in 10 Indian languages. Nearly 100 million calls are being made on the WhatsApp daily throughout the world.


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