How to Install Lineage OS On Android Devices


Lineage OS is a brand new operating system that to take place of CyanogenMod OS. In this article, we are going to share with you, how to install Lineage OS on your Android smartphones. CyanogenMod is a open source project which produces tons of custom ROM to several android device. Now that has been shuts down due to some reasons – Read here.

Lineage OS is much similar to CyanogenMod, it also developing 100’s of ROMs for several android devices. This is also an open source project where developer can make ROM for Lineage OS. The lineage OS team is looking for infrastructure to host official built and updates.

How to Install Lineage OS with TWRP Recovery

We can easily install Lineage OS to any Android device with it’s suitable ROM. I will tell you with easy steps that you can follow to install Lineage OS.


  1. Your device bootloader should be unlocked in order to Install a custom Recovery or root.
  2. A custom recovery helps you to flash Lineage OS zip file, such you need “TWRP” from this site.

1. Bootloader Unlock

First thing you need to know is whether your phone bootloader is unlocked or not. If not means, download the ADB & fastboot  file for Windows / Mac / Linux, extract the file and do the following. Some of the devices like, OpenPlus or Redmi note 4 comes with locked bootloader whereas some other devices comes with unlocked bootloader, so it depends on which device you have.

After opening up the command prompt, you need to type over there “fastboot unlock oem” to check whether the bootloader is unlocked or not.

If it displays that the bootloader is not locked, follow the next section or else it’s locked, then visit XDA forums and check the procedure to unlock bootloader according to your device name.

2. Install Custom Recovery (TWRP)

Download TWRP recovery from here according to your Android device. The TWRP Recovery helps you to flash custom ROM Zip and also it have some customizable option than other recovery. Now, lot of ROMs comes for TWRP recovery only.

Repeat the same process to open the command prompt windows form the Adb and Fastboot folder and type the following commands.

#1. Fastboot devices : TO check phone is connected fine with PC (phone should be in Fastboot mode For eg: hold Volume Down + Power Button to open Fastboot mode in Redmi Note 3 but it varies depends on device you have).

#2. fastboot flash recovery twrp.img : To flash the TWRP recovery, the TWRP .img file should be in the same folder.

#3. fastboot reboot : Reboot your phone, optional.

3. Flashing Lineage OS and GApps

First of all, you need to download Lineage OS for your device and place it in Internal storage or MicroSD card wherever you want, put there. Also, you can download the Suitable Google Apps or GApps depends on your architecture and keep this zip file in the separate folder or the same folder where the Lineage OS is present.

Now boot your smartphone into TWRP recovery mode by holding the Power up+down + Volume down button for a while. Then, I will you to how to install Lineage OS on your Android device in step by step.

  • To install lineage OS, open up  TWRP menu, Select the “Wipe -> Flash” option to delete the files of the older ROM (If you want keep safe your internal storage, then don’t check the Internal storage option).

  • Now, go back and Tap on the Install button on TWRP and select the Lineage ROM Zip file where it present. Then, Install it.

  • After that, Install the GApps Zip file as well by doing the same process. After installing it, Reboot your device (Reboot option shown in the TWRP recovery).
  • Initial boot takes upto 10 minutes so be patient for that until the main screen comes.

That’s all to flash Lineage OS to any Android device. If you have faced any issue while installing this ROM, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

Important Links

Lineage OS – here

Google Apps or GApps – here

TWRP – here

ADB and Fastboot – Windows / Mac / Linux


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