Nokia will make a comeback with Android in Early 2017



Nokia, the most popular mobile phone brands in the world, will make its comeback with Android operating system in first half of 2017.

A 10 year contract has been signed by Espoo, A Finland-based HMD for brand license with Nokia. That assures to create new Nokia branded phones and own existing Nokia feature phone that are sold worldwide. However, the contract was signed six months ago and valid from Today.

The Company said “With a leading position in feature phones market already, HMD has a significant global foothold including Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, India and China from day one.”

“Driven by the extremely positive reception we have received since HMD was announced earlier this year, we’re excited about building the next chapter for Nokia phones,” CEO Arto Nummela said, HMD Global.

HMD Global and Foxconn completed the acquisition of Microsoft mobile phone business – including feature phones and smartphones – under which Foxconn International Holdings (FIH) will manufacture the devices.

“I’m sure millions of Nokia fans will be excited to see the new products,” added Brad Rodrigues, interim president of Nokia Technologies.

Microsoft had bought Nokia’s mobile phone business a two years ago for $7.2 billion, but has since written off about $8 billion on the account of the acquisition and fired hundreds of employees.

HMD Global revealed a 10-member global leadership team headed by Samuel Chin, as chairman of the board and founder, who was formerly chairman and CEO of FIH (Foxconn International Holdings). Most of the leadership executives are former Nokia veterans including chief operating, marketing and finance officers.

According to a reports, the company proclaimed eight regional market heads including Ajey Mehta who will lead the India market as VP. All of the regional marketing heads were former Nokia executives, just like Ajey Mehta who was former India head for Microsoft Mobiles, and before that head of sales for India, Africa and Middle East at Nokia.

“With our passionate team, start up attitude, a brand with a 95% worldwide awareness and a unique, asset light partnership approach, we believe we are perfectly placed to forge a new way in mobile,” said Florian Seiche, President of HMD Global.


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