7 Best Note taking Apps for iPad


Having an Apple iPad opens a whole host of opportunities. The myriad of apps that you can find in the Apple App Store can make your lives so much easier. Today we are going to cover just one aspect of that with our article on the 7 Best Note Taking Apps for iPad.

Now taking notes is something that most of us do. In fact no matter what walk of life we are from we are always taking notes.

Be it as a student who takes notes for their classes or as an adult who makes a note for things to buy from the grocery store-we all have a use for note taking apps.

And while most of us have a smartphone these days, there is still something to be said about the ease of use of a device with such a large screen such as the iPad.

In fact latest generations of the iPad like the iPad Pro lineup of devices also comes with an included keyboard that makes typing and note taking on the device a great experience. Also bundled with that is the Apple Pencil that is great for those times when you just want to scribble in a few words for later.

Maybe it is a great idea for a valentine gift. Or just a phone number. Whatever be the case, and whatever generation of iPad you be on, our comprehensive list of 7 Best Note Taking Apps for iPad will solve all of your note taking worries!

So let’s get started!

Best Notes App for iPad devices

The first entry on our list is the Notes app provided by Apple themselves. Although perfectly capable of note taking in just about any scenario you can think of, some might complain that they find the Notes app a little too bland for their taste.

While perfectly functional for a casual handwritten scribble with the Apple Pen, if you happen to want to dabble on a drawing or use some different type of pens to spice up your note taking experience, the limitations on this first party app will quickly start to show.

However, like the saying that says the best camera is the one that is with you, on a tight pinch this on board app might just come in very handy.

Google Keep

If simplicity is your thing and you live in a world where you own multiple devices and not all of them are Apple devices, then Google Keep might be the note taking app for you.

While there are certainly more in depth and feature rich apps like Evernote in this segment, there is one thing that Keep does, and it does it well. It syncs your notes across devices and across platforms so that they are always available be it on your PC, your laptop or even your Android phone.

Speaking of tricks well it has an ace up its sleeve! It can take pictures such as those from a printed page from a book and turn the words in that image into a text file and save it onto a note. Pretty cool right? Well that’s about the only party trick that this slim little app has up it’s sleeve but it is free so no harm in trying it!

Google Notizen
Google Notizen
Developer: Google, Inc.
Price: Free


Best note taking app for ipad - Evernote

Evernote is one of those apps that while you can use without paying for it, if you really want the full experience, you need to pony up and pay for a subscription. And at $69.99 a year for the highest tier, that is a hefty price to pay for an app. However, as many die hard users of the app will swear, it is worth every penny.

The free subscription isn’t that bad tho and for someone starting out, it can be a pretty good jumping board. It offers almost all of the features of the premium version except for allowing searching by pdf and have the app sync across unlimited devices.

Also restricted is the upload amount for the free user. Having said that tho, Evernote is without a doubt the best in the Note app genre and if you can get full use of the myriad of features it offers you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Developer: Evernote
Price: Free+


While not as feature rich as Evernote, Notability makes its justification in the list of 7 Best Note Taking Apps for iPad by being one of the few apps that has almost replicated the pen and paper experience with the Apple iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. Its main USP?

It comes with a host of different types of papers that when writing or sketching gives real life like textures for the user. And as an added bonus it also does include support for Apple Split View! All for the cost of $9.99

Developer: Ginger Labs
Price: 10,99 €+

MetaMoji Note

A little known app in the world of notetaking, Metamoji makes it’s way into our list of 7 Best Note Taking Apps for iPad because of its incredible usefulness in a classroom setting.

There tabs at the top so that you can jump in between multiple notes at the same time. And it also allows for lines and graphs to be drawn on the paper so that all the notes are streamlined and the app can be used for mathematical notes as well.

Tucked inside are several well thought out features like cloud saving, zooming, options to add more notes, audio files and points to jump to directly as well. All of this for a price of $7.99 seems to be a great deal.


penultimate ios

What Penultimate may lack in feature diversity it makes up with one stellar product integration.

It integrates seamlessly with Evernote and for users of the Apple Pen is the perfect app that serves as a stepping stone from the basic Notes App that Apple provides to a more robust feature set that includes plenty of types of paper, 5 different nibs for the pen and also the ability to edit and append handwritten notes with ease. Also did I mention it’s completely free?

Developer: Evernote
Price: Free+

7notes Premium

Rounding off our list of 7 Best Note Taking Apps for iPad is 7notes Premium, an app that may sound a little old but still has a trick or two that can surprise you.

Especially for users who do not have the Apple Pencil but still want to take handwritten notes, this app is a godsent as it swiftly transcribes handwritten words into text. For the price of $15.99 it is a touch expensive but does come with all the features of MetaMoji Note.

Wrapping it up

So that wraps up our list of the 7 Best Note Taking Apps for iPad. Did we miss out your favourite? Leave us a comment down below and let’s talk about all thing notes!


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