Facebook Launched Instant Games in Messenger App and News Feed


Instant Games on Facebook Messenger and News feed

Facebook unveils “Instant Games” that allows users to play games on Facebook Messenger App or to play on their news feed itself.

The gaming feature could be a go toward eventually monetising Messenger, which now desreves more than one billion users but it is lesser than the native Facebook App.

Facebook product manager, Alissa Ju said “This new games experience allows people to easily discover, share, and play games without having to install new apps.”

Instant Games is initially launching in only 30 countries with 17 Games available including “Pac-Man” from Bandai Namco, Taito’s “Space Invaders,” Zynga’s “Words with Friends” and King Digital’s “Shuffle Cats Mini.”


The director of global games partnerships at Facebook, Leo Olebe said “The primary way that we expect people to be interacting with Instant Games is through Messenger, especially at first.”

Olebe said “a platform inside of Messenger” and the first time for mobile devices Facebook has developed the games.

The concept of “Instant Gaming” is much similar to that of “Instant Articles,” which is faster loading an articles or pages without sending link to websites.

As far as revenue on games is concerned, Olebe said there will be no immediate step to draw revenue from the Instant games.

He also added “Right now it’s still early in the process, monetisation will come later down the road,” and Facebook wants “to drive the engagement in the overall experience.”

The new Instant Games allow user to invite and share scores with the friends and also users can protect themselves by unwanted notifications.

Leo olebe concluded that “The games are not designed to reward people for getting an increasing number of folks to play.”

This will surely reach the younger demographic once its stepped into all the countries.


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