How to Delete History on Google Chrome Browser



The one of the best browser is Google Chrome. For privacy purpose, users are suggested to clear their browsing history from time to time. Probably, all the browser had this feature but why we suggested Google Chrome is that deserves more users than others.

Browsing history plays a crucial role on Browsers so users need to clear it . If a users opened a secured website on public server then the probability of losing their credentials is high.  So, they need to delete the history of the browser to reduce such damage on their credentials and also others can not find what they are actually surfs on Internet.

Here, Let’s explain how to delete history on Google Chrome Browser with easy way.

Steps by step procedure to delete the Google Chrome History

First of all, you need to click on the three dots which is presented at the right side top corner of the window. Then, it will shows a drop down menu. After that, you need to move your cursor on the option ‘History’ or holding ‘ctrl+H’ on your keyboard or type on the url “chrome://history”


Then, it will takes you to a new window and there is an option called ‘Clear browsing history’, you need to click on it.

delete history on google chrome

After that, a new Pop-up will open where you need to clear browsing history from which time. That asks when you click on the drop down menu – the Past hour, the Past Day, the Past week, the Past 4 weeks and the beginning of time.


Here, there you can clear the browsing history along with it you can delete theyour saved passwords, autofill data, delete cookies, and download history.

These are the steps that you follow to clear or delete the your browsing history on Google Chrome Browser.


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