How to Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console [Using Webmaster Tool]



After creating a website, the bloggers thinks how to show their blog on search engines like Google.

Still many beginners spending lot of money on Advertising to show their site on Google. But actually, you need not pay anything to display your website on Google Search. The only thing you need to know is how to index your site on Google.

Google search console also known as Google Webmaster Tool, is a free tool that lets you control your website from the search engine’s knowledge.


A Sitemap is a set of URLs inside your site that is in XML format. This XML file helps crawlers to find all the URLs from your blog.  There are many points that a crawler will follow, such as the size of your sitemap and the number of URLs in your sitemap. Briefly, the Sitemap is the complete index of your website or blog.

If you to know more about Sitemap – Read this article from Wikipedia.

For an ordinary website, we can use an online sitemap generator (Online Tool) to generate a sitemap XML file and submit it to Google and Bing webmaster tools. For a WordPress blog, we can use plugins that automatically keep generating Sitemaps for every posts you publish.

How to Submit sitemap to Google Search console Using Webmaster:

When we submit a sitemap to Google, we should using the Search console tool. Before that, you should verified your website on Google Search Console. Then, you need to logged in to your webmaster tool dashboard here, ready with your sitemap link.

Go to the option “Crawl” in left-hand side of Google Webmasters Tool,Then, you can see an option called “Sitemaps”. Click on it to Submit a new sitemap by clicking the “ADD/TEST SITEMAP” button which is presented at the right-hand side top.

how to submit a site on Google Webmaster tool - search consoleOnce you have finished submitting your blog or website on Google search Console and you need to check out by typing your URL,


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