Top 10 Best Protective Case for iPhone 7 Plus


In this article, we will discuss about Best Protective Case for iPhone 7 Plus.

So if you’ve got the iPhone7 Plus, congratulations you’re either really rich, or you’re missing a kidney. Either way, the “safety” of your phone is more important than buying the phone itself in this specific case, isn’t it?

What’s the point of spending $700 on a phone only to take it to its grave a week later? With other phones, there’s an arguably valid point that you could just get another one, but an iPhone 7? Well, not so much.

So the bottom line, it’s of utmost importance to get a good case, isn’t it? So here we bring forth the Top 9 best protective cases for the iPhone 7.

Top 9 Best Protective Cases for the iPhone7

And hey, it’s not just about the “security”, a case is the overall attire of your cell phone, isn’t it? So it’s also about looks.

And considering how you’re going to be holding your phone most of the time, how the case feels on your skin is also a factor we’re considering over here, cause what’s the point if it becomes all sweaty and wet?

So here are the top 9 best protective cases for the iPhone7.



As the name might already suggest, it’s a “wooden” cover, which without a doubt adds a lot of elegance and touché to the cover simply by this one factor.

In addition, you get to choose from a list of different wooden tones, so rest assured you’ll find your pick.

And just because it’s wood, doesn’t mean it’s any less reliable than plastic, cause hey they did add a plastic edge to the whole thing as well so that your edges are safe when it hits the ground.Dockem Leather Covers

2. Dockem Leather Covers


This one is a completely different story compared to YFWOOD.

For starters, these are completely leather, compared to the wooden flavour that the YFWOOD is offering.

Secondly, these are a “full body cover” rather than a back-case. So apparently, they provide for an overall protection for your Apple iPhone 7 rather than protecting just the back of it.

And the best part? These are also comparatively cheaper than the YFWOOD thingies, but hey I still personally prefer the wooden ones.

There isn’t as much variety of choice with the YFWOOD, but you still do get 2 different variants to choose from:

  • Dark Brown
  • & Vintage Brown

3. Cygnett UrbanWallet Flip


It’s a convertible folio / Slimline case, the design doesn’t exactly scream novelty, but the quality and build of this one is what got it a place at this table.

It’s comparatively the most expensive piece compared to the other pieces covered so far in this piece.

The one good thing about this one is that it doesn’t just cover your “back”, but also takes care of the screen, as well as the edges.

As far as materials go, it’s built using microfibers and a detachable magnet for the case, well microfibers are pretty high up on the “quality” ladder, so no complains there.

The only downside? It doesn’t offer a lot of variety, and comes only in “black”.  And, the pricing might seem a bit off, but hey if you can spend $700 on a phone, you surely can invest $30-35 on its case can’t you?Normad Horween iPhone 7 Plus Cover

4. Normad Horween iPhone 7 Plus Cover


Okay, I take back my statement of the Cygnett being the most expensive iPhone cover on this list, cause the Normad just dethroned it.

If you’re looking for a sleek, “beautiful” and shining Apple cover, you’re going to be disappointed.

But if you’re up for a “classic” challenge, something that screams class, this is your choice without a doubt.

It’s made out of Dow Dupont polycarbonate frame, just in case you didn’t know, Dow Dupont is the “largest chemical company” in the world in terms of sale (source: Wikipedia)

So in other words, the quality is going to be just as high as it gets.

Then there’s internal lining with microfibers to enforce an even stronger quality. Well, the only downside is that it too, alike the Cygnett, is available only in “black”.

But apart from that, it’s hard to come by a “harder, more reliable” cover than this one.

5. iFace iPhone 7 Plus.


If you’re looking for something untraditional, with a different look and feel to it. First of all, it’s curved rather than being rectangular like most other models on this list.

The curves also add an account for a better grip. Obviously, it doesn’t make a” huge” difference, but it’s defiantly easier than holding those rectangle ones.

Then there’s added protection against the device being dropped, in which case its specially crafted interiors shapes like a honeycomb come to your rescue.

As far as variations go, they offer three different colours to choose from:

  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Red

Obviously, the rubber make makes it lighter as compared to other plastic models. So again, it’s a good piece of protection for your Apple iPhone7.

6. Proporta


The Propota is again one of the best choices when you’re hunting for the best iPhone 7 case for your device, primarily because it offers a “limited lifetime exchange warranty” which is somewhat of a rarity with other devices.

The case is lined with Aluminium, so that takes care of quality and build without doubt.

Another feather in the cap of this one is its magnetic stand feature, the case can be folded and used as a “stand”! Well that’s a first isn’t it?

Apart from that you get two colour choices which is okay I suppose, and it doesn’t weigh a lot either.

So again, in a nutshell it’s worth a try.

7. RhinoShield


AS the name suggests, they do pride themselves on their “strength”. Although the primary reason I love them (apart from their sturdiness) is their excellent variations.

We literally get to choose from a rainbow-selection, meaning every possible colour out there is available with the Rhinoshield.

It weighs just 16 grams, and it reportedly exceeds the MIL-STD 810G 516.6  military grade protection! Well, that’s a bold claim there.

And to top it all up, they’ve also embedded lifetime warranty on the case, so yeah that’s an added bonus.

8. Torras


One of the primary reasons why I included this one here is because it has a 4-star rating from 1443 reviews, and that’s a really good number.

As for the materials, it’s made with Liquid silicon rubber, and the surface is scratch-resistant (obviously).

Another great quality of the case’s physical attributes is that it’s stain-proof, so whatever the cause of the stain might be, it can be easily washed off.

The inner side of the Torras uses microfibers like any other iPhone 7 case on this list. Being built out of rubber, it makes the device anti-shock for sure, in addition to providing a cushion in case it falls.

And then the icing on the cake is offered in the form of a 180 day guarantee (not a “Warranty”), so in case of any legitimate problem, you’re eligible for a new piece. Well that’s great isn’t it?

Oh and the colour variety is totally mindboggling, it offers as many as 7 different colour choices, with a slightly different price –tag for each, but the availability of options in itself is a win, isn’t it?

As far as protection goes, apart from the materials used while crafting the case, the shape is a “Full protection” shape as well, covering the edges, buttons and the curves.

So in other words they didn’t compromise with the quality.

And it’s one of the cheapest iPhone 7 cases on this whole list as well.

9. Casetify


Crafted with Thermoplastic Polyurethane it’s one of the strongest cases in this list. It’s also UV resistant just in case it matters to you.

It has raised bezels, which account for an extra firm grip and protection for the camera.

Another specific feature is its “dual layer” feature, meaning it can be separated into two different layers, the inner layer is soft so that it doesn’t effect the device, while there’s a harder outer layer for drop-protection.

Along with all that, it’s also lightweight, offers 360-degree protection. And as if all this wasn’t already enough, it goes on to offer as many as 27 colour variations! Well that’s the most extended variation list as far as this article goes!

Without much adieu, I’d urge you to go and try it out for yourselves!

Final Words:

So those were the Top 8 best protective cases for the iPhone 7. Do let me know which ones won you over, and why.

Although my personal favourite is the Normad, for a variety of reasons, including the quality, shape, and to be very honest, their tons of positive reviews and already established reputation comes into account as well.

Also, if you’ve got experience with any of these pieces, in that case, leave your feedback in the comments section as well, it helps us make these pieces better.

And hey, if you’ve got ideas of other Apple iPhone  7 cases which you think deserve to be here, feel free to let us know of that as well.


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