Best Place To Buy Apple Watch


The Apple watch is one of the hottest potatoes in the market right about now. Like any other Apple product, these too have garnered quite the market for themselves simply by being an Apple product.

Although they probably deserve it because Apple products have always been right about at least one aspect- Quality.

Obviously, as they’re an Apple product, nearly every e-commerce platform, drop-shipping mediator or even individual retailers online are rushing to get the watches bought from their stores.

So that’s what we would be dealing with throughout this piece, bringing out the best places to buy the Apple watch, with plausible reasons and explanations of why we think that specific platform deserves to be here.

1.     Amazon

Does this even need an explanation? It’s literally the #1 e-commerce portal out there. The primary benefits with Amazon is, you get the kind of support like no other platform on the Internet (arguably).

In the very least, they’ve got a customer support team to answer to your queries, and solve any problems if any arise.

Customer support is one of the biggest problems most other E-commerce portals face. There’s the transaction, shipment, delivery, and lot’s more with an order that could go wrong.

Then if everything remains perfect with the order, the problem of the “product” arises. With something as expensive and as “in-demand” as the Apple Watch, it’s pretty easy to be scammed and fooled with knock-offs, or completely unrelated products.

In fact here’s a real-life example of how easy it is to buy (at times even unknowingly) a Fake Apple watch online.

This again is an aspect where customer support would come to your rescue.

Even if customer support isn’t your priority, there are other factors why Amazon is the best place to buy Apple watch, simply take in their world-wide delivery for example. Doesn’t matter under which rock you’re living, Amazon get’s things delivered.

And then there are some, who wouldn’t worry about delivery, product, or support! Well, how about “transparency”?

Amazon really provides a transparent insight into the Vendor’s statistics. Primarily, you get access to their number of reviews, and the number of total questions answered by the Vendor.

Now if the ratings are in thousands, and if they’re positive enough, it clearly let us know that the vendor is trustworthy and isn’t a scammer.

While on most other platforms, transparency is near to non-existent.

Bottomline, Amazon brings with itself the professionalism, reputation and trust which can be vouched for.  There are not enough reasons to scribble down why Amazon is the best place to buy Apple watch.

In fact, the only time I’ll urge you folks to go with any of the other options in this list is when Amazon isn’t working, or the Apple watch is out of stock!

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2.     Apple Store

The Apple store is the second most obvious choice of getting the Apple watch. In fact, it could’ve been the first.

The only reason we’re placing it here at #2 because Amazon runs its own Promos and discounts, often in partnerships with specific banks and their credit cards, which the Apple store won’t have.

Obviously, apart from that, every other factor, deliverability, support, product-quality is best-assured from the Apple store!

You won’t have to worry about getting wrong, or fake product delivered. You don’t have to worry about “seller reputation”, overall you don’t have to worry about being scammed or cheated in any way.

To top it all up, Apple obviously provides for top-notch support and assistance should something go wrong.

So in case, your pockets are loaded, feel free to go with this option.

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3.     eBay

eBay, alike Amazon isn’t a new player in the game. Obviously, it isn’t as well-reputed as Amazon but it still is one of the top names in the industry.

The primary reason I’d choose Amazon over eBay is, eBay is primarily a “buy and sell” platform, so you should resort to eBay only if you’re looking for a used piece.

Although “New” items are available on eBay, but why would you want to go with eBay when the same thing is available over at Amazon, at nearly the same price?

Also, eBay has managed to get itself some seriously negative reviews over scams, botched products, and what not.

Even their support isn’t rated on a good scale.

Now I’m not saying Ebay is a bad choice. It’s a good one, it’s just not better than Amazon, especially when it comes to high-end products like the Apple watch.

Let’s start with deliverability, it’s no secret that Ebay’s delivery isn’t its strongest suits. And if by some strange stock of luck you do get satisfied with the deliverability, there’s a good chance the product you ordered isn’t the same product you’ll receive.

Even though eBay is such an international, million dollar corporation, I fail to understand why there are massive reports of scams on the platform.

But hey, the good news is, in most of these cases when you’re ripped by a seller, eBay tends to side with you (the buyer) and you’re compensated if your case is legit (kudos for that)!

But, scams happen! Period! It’s worth noting that “EBAY” doesn’t cause these scams, and instead takes strong action against the perps, it’s the individual sellers and buyers who’re responsible, but the reputation of eBay is effect nonetheless.

Anyway moving on to the next point, if you’re satisfied with the delivery and the product as well, in that case you might consider going with eBay, because alike Amazon, eBay too has a very transparent vendor profile, complete with reviews and ratings.

Bottomline is, feel free to buy an Apple watch from eBay, but personally, it won’t be my first choice, not with platforms like Amazon in the existence.

4.     Offline Apple Dealerships

Finally, if you’re hunting for the best places to buy an Apple watch, and if “online” isn’t one of your mandatory points, I’d say nothing is better than offline stores.

Obviously, they have their pros and cons, which we would try our level best to illustrate.

The first reason why I’d go with an offline store to buy the Apple watch is because of the support. If there’s any kind of issue with my Apple watch, these stores are a life-saver.

Apple invests a lot in its “customer service”, so the one thing you can be sure of is top-notch customer support.

Also, it’s direct, face-to-face, compared to e-mails and tickets on Amazon or eBay, or any other online e-commerce portal for that matter.

The other point about offline Apple dealerships is that, let’s say your product is a faulty one, you can go back to the shop and let them know of it, and it get’s attended to immediately. With E-commerce portals, there’s a lot of shipping and emailing which just adds to the delay.

Although the question of “deliverability” doesn’t arrive here, as you’ll be the one picking up the item yourselves.

Ratings and review do not matter either, because hey an Apple dealership doesn’t need someone to “vouch” for it.

Although Support and Responsibility are the two strong factors about any offline Apple dealership, the one problem with dealerships is, the price is comparatively higher.

There’s little to no chance of any discounts being available, and even with discounts, the price is not as low as E-commerce portals.

So you’ve just got to decide if you need support & responsibility for a tad bit higher price, or you’ll trust Amazon and save some bucks.

Final Words:

So finally, all I can say is, the best place to buy an Apple watch is Amazon, without a second thought.

But just in case the item isn’t available on Amazon,  then venture out to the official Apple store, or if that doesn’t work out as well, eBay should come to your rescue.

And at the very end of the day, Offline stores! Infact there isn’t much difference between an Apple dealership, and the online official Apple store, except for the fact that the former is offline, while the other is offline.

But hey, at the end of the day it’s your choice. Although do make use of the comment box and let me know your best place to buy the Apple watch, and also the reasons.

Also, let us know if we’re right to rank Amazon as the best place to buy the Apple watch, and if not, reasons would be appreciated.


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