Top 4 Messaging Apps For Publishers



Messaging apps are not only for chat but have some additional feature to make voice and video calls. The most widely used four messaging App that have more than 3 billion active users.

Here are the four most widely used messaging app for Publishers:


The Social media giant, Facebook that has over 1.7 billion active users with it and Facebook Messenger has 900 million users, which is comparatively lesser than the main site, but still a valuable amount for marketing efforts. There are 50 million businesses in it.

Facebook Messenger is one of the fastest-growing messenger app in worldwide. The users can spend on Facebook Messenger in average of 4 hours per month. It also offers, Voice and video calling features as well.


Facebook owned WhatsApp has one billion active users. This is the only messaging app that has more number of users. Everyday, there are 70 percent of users using it and an average of 30 billion messages sending over WhatsApp every day.

The most of users on this app right now are international. So, Publishers can easily engage with overseas audiences by their content.


SnapChat is like the underdog of social media. The messaging app is not only for a passing trend but it beyond that. Even politicians can connect with audiences using this messaging App. As of now, Snapchat deserves 100 million users and demographic is from 18 age to 24 year old people like to use this App.

On other Side, Videos are the majority watching on this app that has 8 billion video views per day.

You have to be creative if you need to publish something on the app since it can be hard for newbies to get discovered. Use the tools like curated stories and custom filters to get the exposure you want on the app.

We Chat

We Chat is not only for messaging but also for gaming, media and shopping. The origin of the app is China and deserves 700 million users in worldwide. Over 85 percent of users are in the ages between 18 and 35, so it is popular with youths.

There is a subscriptions part on the app to connect with audiences. There you can promote content as well as market your products and services over the subscription.


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