9 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone


The iPhone is without doubt one of the best devices in the market as of today, but even then it doesn’t have everything “in-built”. And among the things it doesn’t have,  “Video editing apps” are included as well.

So well that’s what gets solved right here, right now! These are the nine best video editing apps for iPhone will let you edit your videos even on your iOS devices seamlessly.

Top 9 Best iPhone Video Editing Apps

1. iMovie

Comb through any review site, or store. When it comes to video editing apps for iPhone, iMovie totally tops the charts.

It’s an app that has also been launched for the Mac devices, iPad as well as iPhones. Among its many superpowers, some of them are its ability to let you use “templates”.

Templates such as “news screen” “Bright” “Playful” etc. And it doesn’t stop there, it also goes on to let you integrate sound effects and much more.

So yeah, it’s worth trying.

Developer: Apple
Price: Free

2. Cameo

Cameo is popular for its extensive music and editing library. You can choose from a number of sound-effects, video-effects and what not.

The best part about Cameo is its online “community”. It’s like a mini-forum/social network where you can scroll through other people’s edits, and that gives you ideas for your own.

Other options include the ability to browse the camera roll, play-cut videos, import songs, etc. It even let’s you search by “Genres” for music.

Additional superpowers include the ability to combine videos, write over the videos, fonts and more “graphical” options.

3. Magisto

If you’re more for the “automation” types,  Magisto is for you. It simplifies things quite a bit, all you’ve got to do is Select your video, add some sound tracks to it, add some effects and done.

It automatically takes your video, moulds it, shapes it and brings forth you a completely edited video. What’s more is it’s completely free, but that doesn’t limit it because more features are available to the users via in-app purchases.

Magisto - Video Editor & Maker
Magisto - Video Editor & Maker

4. VideoFX Live

Video FX Live iphone

Another free video editing tool for the iPhones and iOS devices is the VideoFXlive.

It’s primary selling point is its thousands of effects for starters. Then come the soundtracks, and finally the freedom of shooting the videos.

It let’s you edit videos in real-time, i.e at the time of shooting. And advanced features include “reversing” the video, “cloning” , and not just that but it also let’s us create “Green screen effects”.

That’s changing the background of a video altogether! Although it has some limitations but it’s something to go for when you’re looking for video editing apps for iPhone without doubt.

VideoFX Live
VideoFX Live
Price: Free+

5. VizzyWig

The All-in-One video editing app for iPhones and iOS devices. It’s phrased “all in one” for the fact that it let’s you “record / preview / edit” all in real-time.

Apart from that, there’s an in-built guide which let’s you know the best places to add transitions, music soundtracks, effects and so on.

Let’s you access the i4 music library, in addition to letting you add music from the device itself, LiNE (Live non linear editing) facilitates re-arranging, trimming, cropping and deleting of clips from a video.

Also is armed with “studio intro” for the video to make the first impression commendable. Let’s you add text with an extensive font and colors list as well.

So basically, anything you might be searching for in an iPhone video editing app is sprayed onto VizzyWig.

Vizzywig 2014 - Video Editor Multi Camera
Vizzywig 2014 - Video Editor Multi Camera

6. VivaVideo

VivaVideo let’s you not only edit videos on Iphone, but also you can use it to join multiple photos, and make a memorable slideshow out of them.

As far as video-editing features are concerned, it comes with “Prank skills” , the ability to let you add music from the iOS library, save draft videos to name a few.

There are numerous pre-made templates to choose from, soundtracks are provided as well and you can even share the videos directly on various platforms including Whatsapp and Facebook.

VivaVideo-Bester Video Editor
VivaVideo-Bester Video Editor

7. VideoShop

Videoshop comes pre-loaded with advanced functionalities, such as “reversing” the video, or maybe rotating it by 90 degrees?

You can even add text between clips, break a longer video down into shorter clips, “Fast forward” the complete video, join multiple videos into one and so on.

It’s not extremely advanced, but it get’s the job done!

Videoshop - Video Editor
Videoshop - Video Editor
Developer: Appsolute Inc.
Price: 2,29 €+

8. Quick

Quick really does live up to its name. It let’s you add a plethora of video effects, which primarily depend on the mood and “feel” of the video.

Slides are supported as well, and can be used for “introductions” or credits maybe? To top it all up, it even supports sharing the videos on social platforms like Facebook and other social networks.

The text effects will really mesmerize you considering their smooth texture, as well as “ease of use”. This I’m claiming from experience, unlike other apps I didn’t experience the “lag” that normally is there with video editing apps on iPhones.

Quik - GoPro Video Editor
Quik - GoPro Video Editor
Developer: GoPro, Inc.
Price: Free

9. Kinemaster

Kinemaster is one of the best Video editing app for iPhone which has tons of cool feature and is available for both Android and iOS. KineMaster supports unlimited text and image layers, precision cutting and trimming, precise volume envelope control, chroma key, 3D transitions, external Voice input and much more.

Price: Free+

Final Words

So that’s about it folks! The absolutely best 8 video editing apps available for iPhone and iOS devices. I hope you found the list useful.

If there’s any other video editing app for iPhone which you think deserves to be on this list, but was missed or dropped, feel free to leave a comment and we would try our best to evaluate and include the deserving apps to this list of 8 best video editing apps for iPhone.

And finally, forget not to leave your experience on this post, honest feedback helps us grow.


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