Top 5 Best Movie App for Kodi 2017


Do you love movies? We sure do! And one of the best ways to enjoy movies for us has been the Kodi app.

Be it on the tablet or the TV or even on Smartphone, the Kodi app has been one of the best home theater experience that we could have ever hoped for. So today we decided to make a list of the best movie app For kodi!

Now delving into a bit of the technical side of things here, Kodi as of itself is an appa nd thus what we are going to tell you guys today are known as Add-ons.

But then technical mumbo jumbo can be a bit too much for most of us and we like to keep things simple so here on out whenever we say app, we do mean an add-on compatible with the Kodi version that your system is running.

Top 5 Best Movie Apps For Kodi


Exodus takes the top spot on our list and with good reason as well. For someone who watches movies on Kodi regularly as we do, there is no better app out there than Exodus.

Despite numerous setbacks, this app has held strong and has a vibrant community of users who are always keen on contributing to the app and keeping it alive.

Coming to the UI elements, Exodus is downright beautiful and the UI flows elegantly like a well oiled piece of machinery. Other than the beautiful UI, Exodus also has a ton of other breathtaking content for you to enjoy including streams in HD.

Along with that Exodus makes it easy for you to search it’s vast database of contents through various filters. Some of the quirkiest ones out there are through rating, Box Office hit or flops and even Oscar nominations. Pretty nifty right? We thought so as well!


SALTS (Stream All the Sources)

Now while it is rare, it does so sometimes happen that Exodus will not have the stream of a particular movie that you have the hankering for.

It is then you must turn to SALTS or Stream All the Sources. It’s position on the list of Best Movie Apps For Kodi is certainly debatable considering that it has a history of being unstable and in the past few months has had spates when it has been down for weeks on end.

But it does have more than its fair share of users and we have also turned to it in a pinch.

Coming to the interface, the UI is definitely more than usable and while it is a scrapper like Exodus, one does need to put in a little bit more time into configuring it to one’s taste. As for us we make it so that the HD streams always come up top because we love our movies to be as crisp as they can be!



Now the first time you install Specto you might be very surprised.

In our case we were wondering like how did we manage to open Exodus when he had obviously installed another plugin from our list of Best Movie Apps For Kodi.

But as it turns out, Specto is just another fork of what used to be Exodus a while back. In the hands of a different developer who often updates the app, Specto may look the same fluid interface as Exodus but the inner working are a lot more refined.

One of the primary draws of Specto is the fact that how quickly the developer responds to bugs or issues that users of the app have been facing. In fact, it is almost good enough to sway us away from our favoured Exodus. Almost.

BBC iPlayer

If you have a thing for the shows that are aired on the BBC network then this is the perfect Kodi app for you.

This nifty little addon allows you to watch a whole host of content that includes live TV, TV shows on the BBC network as well as BBC radio shows.

All of this works really well and the app is free as well but with a little caveat.

This particular app is region locked to the UK.

So if you are outside of the UK you would need to use a VPN and make sure that you appear to have an IP that is from the United Kingdom so that you can enjoy all of the content from this app.

Play On

Now as the only paid app on our list of Best Movie Apps For Kodi, there must be a very good reason that we included Play On into the coveted final spot.

As it turns out, there is a great reason and it isn’t the fact that the subscription to this addon costs a paltry 2.50 a month.

This addon is useful only for those who are subscribed to multiple content streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime video and such.

Play On and aggregate all of your paid content subscriptions into one easily viewable space for the ease of your entertainment. Isn’t that neat?

And to top that off it skips ads automatically as well. There also is another feature where it can record the streams as an MP4 to a storage media so that if you happen to miss anything live, it’s always there for even if there is no internet! We think the money it asks for all of these features is pretty much worth every penny and we are sure you’d agree as well once you use it!

Final Words:

That about wraps up your list of top 5 Best Movie Apps For Kodi! We hope you enjoyed reading through this content and are raring to go and try some of these out on your Kodi systems as well.

Did we miss out on any one of your favourites? Or did you face any issue with any one of these? Do let us know in the comments down below.

And be warned of what you see as some of these apps are known to have illegal content and we do not condone piracy.


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